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Domain transfer guides

The guides collected here cover the most common methods of domain transfers related to popular extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc.

ccTLDs like, .fr, etc, and gTLDs like .club, .movie, etc, can require a bit more of an extensive process.

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Tackling down those questions we hear the most.

Short answer, no. Long answer, noooooo. With most entities, there’s often a price-point that a company would relinquish the rights to a domain name and ultimately sell it. However, with a company like Google, the domain name is so integrated into their business that they would never sell it, no matter how ludicrous the offer.

The process is ultimately guided by the domain owner’s speed to respond, your timeframe to secure the domain and current budget consideration. Some transactions can reach a deal in 1-2 weeks. While other domain sales may take years to complete. Regardless of the timeframe, we’re here for you every step of the way.

In order to identify the current ownership for a particular domain, lookup the Whois record for your domain. A Whois record is a domain record of ownership and may share contact details of the domain owner.

Whois records often keep contact information of the domain owner under privacy (contact information is redacted); we can further assist if you are having difficulty finding the owner.

We broker domain names between buyer and seller. There are buyer brokers and seller brokers. Lumis is a domain buyer broker. We assist our clients to acquire domain names for fair market prices, as opposed to seller brokers who represent and market domains for sale with the goal of obtaining the absolute highest price possible