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Lighting the path of domain acquisitions

There’s only one choice to acquire your domain

Unlike many in our field, we do not sell domains.

We are the only entity in the space that does not sell domains, allowing us to focus solely on helping end users acquire their brands.

Why Lumis

Better results, fair market prices

Lumis’ core focus to help end-users secure their brands is our driving force.

Modest prices

And we mean it. We help people buy a domain at fair market value.


Over the past years, our members have brokered hundreds of millions of dollars in online assets.

Individual approach

We study your field, your business, and the domain. Then develop an individual strategy that will work for you.


No hiding our processes, ever. We’ll keep you posted on our moves and overall progress.


There’s only a fee after your domain is secured. With no retainer, we depend on the success of the deal.

Our people

A team of dreamers and doers just like you, ready to bring your ideas to life

Hobi Michalec Hobi Michalec

Hobi Michalec

Co-Founder, Tech Hobi Michalec
Slade Michalec Slade Michalec

Slade Michalec

Co-Founder, Finance Slade Michalec
Keith Richter Keith Richter

Keith Richter

Co-Founder, Sales Keith Richter
Priyanka Richter Priyanka Richter

Priyanka Richter

Director of Operations Priyanka Richter
Shital Govind Visant Shital Govind Visant

Shital Govind Visant

Shital Govind Visant
Justin Fenich Justin Fenich

Justin Fenich

Acquisitions Expert Justin Fenich
Steven Pallos Steven Pallos

Steven Pallos

Acquisitions Expert Steven Pallos
Matt Chase Matt Chase

Matt Chase

Acquisitions Expert Matt Chase
Adam Chase Adam Chase

Adam Chase

Acquisitions Expert Adam Chase
Shea Winpigler Shea Winpigler

Shea Winpigler

Acquisitions Expert Shea Winpigler
JP Russo JP Russo

JP Russo

Acquisitions Expert JP Russo
Jared Conen Jared Conen

Jared Conen

Acquisitions Expert Jared Conen
Jonathan Richter Jonathan Richter

Jonathan Richter

Of Counsel Jonathan Richter

It’s simple: you ask any domain-related question here

We answer, ASAP.