Domain Name Broker

Lumis is the domain name brokerage to help you buy or sell a domain name. We also work with you to appraise services and help you manage domain portfolios. Our team connects you with an experienced domain name broker eager to help you with all of your domain name needs.

What Is a Domain Brokerage?

A domain name brokerage facilitates the buying, selling, and appraising of domain names. We have a team of domain brokers available to help you so that you have stellar customer service that cares for you.

What Does a Domain Broker Do?

Our domain name brokers are like real estate agents, but for domain names. We negotiate the price of domain names so that you get a fair price.

We work with buyers to help you buy all of the domain names that you are looking for. We know the true value of domain names and ensure that you don’t pay more than the domain name is worth. Our team of brokers works closely with you to understand your specific needs.

Our brokers also work with sellers. We consult with all sellers to appraise the value of their domain names and ensure that a domain is taken to market at a fair price.

Why Use a Domain Broker?

We help simplify the domain name buying and selling process. Our team takes care of all the complexities of the domain name buying and selling process so that you can focus on all the other responsibilities that you have.

Our team negotiates on your behalf with the other party to ensure that you receive a fair price for your domain name. We talk with you about what your goals and parameters are for the domain name and stay within them to bring you the best possible service.

Come to Lumis for comprehensive domain name broker services. Call 1.863.430.3698 or complete our online form to schedule your initial consultation today.

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