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Secure your brand with the
perfect domain

Found a domain name that’s perfect for your company but it’s already taken? Let Lumis help guide you through the marketplace and acquire your brand for a fair market price

When “Domain taken” isn’t the end of the story

It’s just where we step in.

You focus on running your business while we focus on the important task of acquiring your brand.

We contact domain owners, present your offer, and negotiate on your behalf. We take the guesswork out of the process.

And there are zero upfront costs. You only pay when we succeed.

Why Lumis?

We are the only domain brokerage operating with zero inventory. In other words, we don’t sell domains.

While other brokerage services are selling domains for the highest price possible, we stay in our lane and do not sell domains.

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Brands who got their domains with Lumis

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The Lumis Report

Check out some of the domains we helped to acquire.

Including names like,,,,,, and thousands of others.

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Transparency at every step in the process

We negotiate the terms and help get domains at a fair price


Review your desired domain name to see if it aligns with your needs and strategy. Evaluate the acquisition cost via comparable sales, current ownership, and other metrics to determine the market value and budget.



Create a unique strategy to engage with the asset owner and execute acquisition of the domain name.



Approach the domain owner with the authorized budget, relay feedback and reach a sale price that is accepted by Buyer and Seller.


Close the deal

Once a sale price has been mutually accepted by all parties, we will guide you through the transfer of ownership. This includes payment through a 3rd party escrow service as well as the domain transfer to your chosen account.



Tackling down those questions we hear the most.

Short answer, no. Long answer, noooooo. With most entities, there’s often a price-point that a company would relinquish the rights to a domain name and ultimately sell it. However, with a company like Google, the domain name is so integrated into their business that they would never sell it, no matter how ludicrous the offer.

The process is ultimately guided by the domain owner’s speed to respond, your timeframe to secure the domain and current budget consideration. Some transactions can reach a deal in 1-2 weeks. While other domain sales may take years to complete. Regardless of the timeframe, we’re here for you every step of the way.

In order to identify the current ownership for a particular domain, lookup the Whois record for your domain. A Whois record is a domain record of ownership and may share contact details of the domain owner.

Whois records often keep contact information of the domain owner under privacy (contact information is redacted); we can further assist if you are having difficulty finding the owner.

We broker domain names between buyer and seller. There are buyer brokers and seller brokers. Lumis is a domain buyer broker. We assist our clients to acquire domain names for fair market prices, as opposed to seller brokers who represent and market domains for sale with the goal of obtaining the absolute highest price possible

Let’s get your perfect domain

From analyzing to negotiating to purchase. We are here to guide you on every step of the way.