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We at Lumis are a group of seasoned professionals excited in the fact that our industry is about to hit the mainstream.

With a focus on outbound marketing, we bridge investors with end users and help companies secure their identities. Over the past several years, the members of Lumis have brokered tens of millions of dollars in online assets…



  • C-Level Executives of Fortune 500 Companies
  • Silicon Valley Start-Ups
  • Ivy League Universities
  • Media Agencies
  • Airlines and Airports
  • Online Education Companies


Global Network

A vast network of buyers and sellers on
six of the seven continents. Waiting to
hear back from Antarctica….


We provide an array of services that
cater to all of our clients’ needs.

Speak with us today and find out how we can help.









Domain Name Brokerage and Acquisition

Lumis is a professional domain name brokerage offering clients domain names. We help with buying, selling, and appraising domain names. Our team helps you find the perfect domain for your business, or we can help find a buyer for the domain name you want to sell. Finding the right name is an important step to secure and grow your brand.

Lumis has the experience to help you get the best domain name available. We work with any type of businesses — from startups to long-established companies — to acquire and sell their key domain names. We also provide portfolio management services for domain name portfolio owners.

Buy or Sell Domain Names

One of our main competencies is to seamlessly connect with both sides of a domain-name transaction. Lumis can get in contact with domain owners to discuss and negotiate on behalf of interested buyers. We also assist domain owners with divesting their domain name. We strive to open a dialogue to fulfill the domain name acquisition so that each party is satisfied.

We will reply to all inquiries whether through email, contact form, or phone. Lumis also doesn’t charge an upfront or retainer fee for our services. That’s because our team believes that you should get the best possible services right from the start. To get in touch with us, give us a call at +1.863.430.3698 or fill out our online form.

NEWS Co-Founders Show the Domain World is Still a Land of Opportunity

The domain industry has always been one of constant change. So much so that opportunities come and go, often it seems, in the blink of an eye. There are booms (thank you China – it was definitely fun while it lasted and may heat up yet again) and busts (remember when almost everyone made a lot of money parking domains)? Some think the heyday of the entire business has come and gone but newcomers are continually proving there is still plenty of opportunity out there, but it isn’t necessarily located where it used to be. VIEW MORE


We Will Help You Find the Best Solution!

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