High-Quality Domain Selling Services

Lumis has been matching businesses and individuals to the perfect domain name for their websites through our domain selling services. We work with anyone who has a premium domain they want to sell. Our team listens to you and incorporates your current situation and needs into our equation to find the best results for your domain name.

Find A Buyer For Your Domain

We focus on the most important part of selling your domain or digital asset: finding the best buyer with the best use for your property. This focus ensures that you receive a good price for your asset and the buyer is pleased with the transaction. With Lumis, everyone wins.

At Lumis, we’ll find the best sales price for your domain name by targeting end users. Unlike the static, passive sales approach that many brokerages use in the industry, we do a comprehensive outbound campaign. Our team actively makes and keeps contacts throughout the industry so we know who is looking for what. We use this global network to find the ideal buyer for your domain.

Use A Clear And Easy Method

Our team wants to make certain that you have a good experience with Lumis. That’s why we have a focus on transparency and discuss the process with you. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about any part of the selling process or the extent of our domain name selling services. Our team answers our phones, and we always get back to you quickly.

We’re proud to say that we do not charge any upfront or retainer fees for our services so you know we’ll always give you our best work. Our domain brokers have years of experience growing our network and buying and selling domain names. To get started selling your digital property, call Lumis at +1.863.430.3698.

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