Stealth Acquisitions

Maintaining anonymity is one of the most important factors to effectively acquire a domain name, trademark or any other digital asset you need.

We will be your guiding light through the entire process.

Enlisting our help will ensure the price you pay is based on the actual value of the asset and not how deep your pockets are perceived to be.


Making a mistake when approaching a potential Seller can be costly. At Lumis, we understand that no two situations are identical. Different approaches are required to achieve the best outcome. We work with you to understand the value of a domain or digital property and find the best strategy for acquisition.

Create A Lasting Brand

Establishing a strong and healthy brand starts with one thing, your domain name. Tell us about your brand, the industry types and product or service offerings and we will find a brand name that will work for you. We match winning domains with winning clients.

Need Help? Speak with us today and see how we can help!

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