Expert Domain Name Services

Lumis is a B2B company that offers professional domain name appraisal services. This means that we’ll help you find the best price to sell your domain name at. We’ve been brokering domains since 2013, which means that we have years of experience helping people buy and sell domain names for their websites and have found the best methods to do so.

Find The Right Price Tag

Determining the correct price tag for an intangible asset like a domain name can be a bit difficult. Many different factors contribute to the value and price of your digital property. Lumis accounts for most of those factors to give you our honest domain appraisal services and determine a price that leaves everyone happy.

If you price your domain name too high, you will turn off buyers. However, if you price your domain name too low, then you’ll miss out on money. At Lumis, we analyze your assets to determine what the fair market value would be. We’ll give you information about prospective buyer pools, market projections, and comparable sales to help keep you informed.

Understand The Market

At Lumis, we’ll help you understand the current market value of your domain name, and we’ll help you understand the market, which surrounds your digital assets. Our team will also consult you on the best time to sell your domain name to get maximum profit. We tend to work with startup businesses or otherwise new corporations, but we’re happy to work with individuals as well.

One of our biggest competencies is how we can easily connect sellers to buyers and vice versa to help both parties find the best option for their digital assets. Lumis is quick to respond to any inquiries and is transparent in our processes. If you need domain name appraisal services, then give us a call at +1.863.430.3698.

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